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Pasture Raised is Best.

Our cows have it good - and happy cows make delicious beef! They spend their days on rolling pasture land with plenty of access to grass and tree shade when it gets hot. When they reach maturity to become beef we supplement with a blend of grass and grains for maximum marbling and flavor. All the beef is dry-aged  before being vacuum sealed and frozen. We're confident you'll be able to taste the difference.  

302 Brantley Farm Rd. Mocksville, NC 27028   |   336-782-5134  |


Our Black Angus beef is raised on pasture land here in the heart of the North Carolina Piedmont.


Our family barn, built in 1949, is the perfect place for your event if you like rustic and authentic. 

 From weddings to birthday parties, we have the right place for you. We are a working farm and the barn has wood stoves but no A/C. Spring and Fall events are best. 

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